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Our customers have helped shape what we offer here at Colorado Craft Beef, from smaller variety boxes to large custom orders.

The Ranch Hand



The perfect box after a long week. A date night, dinner party, and cookout all in one box.

The Ranch Hand contains:

  • Two Filet Mignons (~8 oz each)
  • Three packs of fajita meat: Skirt, Flank, & Bavette (3 lbs.)
  • Two 12oz Summer Sausages (1 Original, 1 Jalapeno Cheddar)
  • Five 1 lb. Packs of Colorado Craft Ground Beef

The Range Boss


A bit of everything, at an amazing price. For the discerning, yet hungry, beef eater.

Each Range Boss contains:

  • Four Petite New York Strips (~8 oz each)
  • Four Filet Mignons (~8 oz each)
  • One Chuck Roast (~2 lbs.)
  • Two Sirloin Steaks (~1 lb. each)
  • Four 1 lb. Packs of Colorado Craft Ground Beef

The Cattleman’s Box


Our finest steaks, shipped free, from our ranch to your kitchen. The Dinner You Deserve.

Each Cattleman’s Box contains:

  • Four Ribeye Steaks (~1.2 lbs. each)
  • Four New York Strips (12 oz. each)
  • Two Sirloin Steaks (~1 lb. each)
  • Four Filet Mignon (~8 oz each)

traditional western ranching meets modern kitchens

Over 100 Years of Excellence

Colorado Craft Beef’s story starts over a century ago in the eastern plains of Colorado. In 1909, the Enlarged Homestead Act doubled the allotted acreage a homesteader could settle and in 1917 the great, great grandfather of our founder, Kara Smith, took it upon himself to move west and break ground on a ranch for him and his family, determined to wrench a life out of the semi-arid grasslands. His determination set the stage for what would become our family ranching business, Double Slash N Ranch.

Now, Kara has taken the lead, moving the family ranching business towards a model that allows for selling directly to our customers all across the United States while also focusing on the blending of environmental sustainability and traditional stewardship of the land.

Large tri tip, ready for the smoker.